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Weirdo Blend v3.1

Fresh crop Weirdo is here and it’s better than ever. Mario and Christian worked hard over the past year to fine tune their processes to make this years blend completely mind blowing

Wild Coffee

In 2016 we opened Cirque with one goal: to make the best coffee anyone had ever had. We're a people geared to taste, experience, and knowledge behind what's actually happening with our coffee. From our Limited Run Coffees to our seasonal blends, all of our coffees are bent to the unique. We unashamedly roast light and utilize techniques some would call unconventional to achieve roasts that are clean with no compromise. We're headed to the future of what coffee can be with one mission: we want wild coffee.


F1 Aquiares Esperanza Honey

F1 is back, this time from a new farm, but this unique hybrid variety never disappoints. We’re tasting Florals, White Tea, and Plum

One roast to rule them all

There is a reason we don't post what "roast" level we take our coffees to on our bags- they're all the same. Even our staple Weirdo Blend is roasted the same level as each of our single origins. 

Our belief is that excellent coffee doesn't need anything to hide behind. If the coffee is roasted excellently, and brewed the same there can only be one result- phenomenal coffee.