For a lot of you coffee dorks out there this might seem way too obvious, but it's really not as widely know as you would think. Take one step outside the intensive third-wave coffee community and it becomes very obvious that a lot of people, coffee industry people included, just don't know too much about how coffee grows or why that's important.

Let's take wine for example, it is quite common for people to know that wine is a tedious, extremely detailed process to make an exceptional product. The common public recognizes the sommelier with respect. How strange is it then that we as baristas, shop owners, or common home drinkers have little to no knowledge or even idea of what goes on behind the scenes? I believe it is because what is unknown is often viewed as complicated or difficult to learn; how coffee is grown is quite simple fortunately.

Coffee is a fruit, coffee is seasonal.

At it's core it's really that simple. You start with a shrub, the shrub grows berries, the pit of those berries is what we call "coffee beans" (they're actually seeds), the beans are processed, dried, and shipped to coffee roasters all over the world. But, like any fruit, different countries have different harvest seasons


In the chart above (provided by the wonderful Cafe Imports) you can pretty easily see when coffee is harvested in all the coffee producing countries in the world. 

Why is this important to me?

Honestly, it doesn't have to be. If you are completely fine drinking coffee the way you are, by all means. What's important is that you enjoy the coffee in your cup, and if you're game, this could help! Coffees that are considered "in season" will taste noticeably better, hands down. Coffees in season will have more distinct tasting notes, more vibrancy, and finish cleaner. Coffees out of season will over time become muted in taste, increasingly bitter, and unpleasant to drink. 

Reputable roasters all over the world usually source seasonally coffees, but it never hurts to check! Most roasters readily offer this information to curious customers or follow baristas.

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Free Shipping?

So we just announced free shipping on all our online orders. What you all also might have noticed is that we also raised the price of all our coffees by 3 dollars. Full disclosure: we did this on purpose. 

Our goal is to have as much people stocked with quality coffee as possible. We personally love the quality of our coffee so we thought to ourselves..."how can more people get their hands on our coffee goodness?" A pretty obvious response to that was "free shipping." 

Everyone loves free shipping, and what's not to love? You know exactly what you're paying from the first moment you see that awesome something you wanna buy. But let's be real...nobody truly offers "free shipping", and that's why we wanted to be upfront and honest. We decided it was worth it to eat most of the price of shipping to get coffee to more people, but we did increase our prices by a few bucks to help ease the sting a bit. 

So, is the shipping really "free", no. But we did save you guys a few dollars so hopefully you can keep drinking the bean juice. Stay caffeinated, and stay posted! We have a couple SUPER cool things coming up that we wouldn't want anyone to miss. 

to coffee, John