Simple x Honest x Goodness


Cirque Coffee is a coffee nerd's dream come true.  A dream to have fun making lots of great coffee in lots of different ways. 

Specifically, it's our dream. We are John and Garrett and we are the founders, owners, construction guys, architects, manual labor, managers, trainers, and baristas of Cirque Coffee. Passion drives our work.  From shots pulled to bathrooms cleaned, we're all in. We like making good coffee , singing songs, riding bikes, and making good coffee.  We also like helping people learn about good coffee, so feel free to ask questions about the coffee, the gear, or the brewing process (there's no such thing as a dumb question).

A cirque (pronounced "serk") is a half-open, steep-sided hollow at the head of a valley or on a mountainside, formed by glacial erosion. The first coffee shop in Tulsa was also called Le Cirque, and is the inspiration behind our name.  Le Cirque was the first of many shops that now make up a rad coffee scene in Tulsa, a scene we are proud to be a part of.  While we may not be the first in Tulsa, we hope to be just as groundbreaking as our namesake; We want to do cool, new stuff in the world of coffee for you to enjoy.

You can find us at 6th and Peoria in the Pearl District, a growing neighborhood here in Tulsa. Just look for the blue-green doorway under the sign saying "coffee".  We're open from 7-5, Monday to Saturday. Come get some work done, hang out with your friends, do life with us. and let us serve you some killer coffee.



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