Lingia Geisha (Experimental Process)

Lingia Geisha (Experimental Process)


PRESALE: First roast of Lingia Geisha is 8/20

The newest groundbreaking, hyper experimental, doesn’t-make-sense-how-good-it-is coffee that we’ve commissioned from Guatemala is here…and it’s easily the best yet.

This is a 3-way collab with the best in the game. First our journey takes us to Monte De Oro in Guatemala on Mario’s farm (Mario provides the “Washed” element in our Weirdo Blend). Mario is responsible for some of the most exquisite honey processed coffees we’ve ever experienced. He had custom steel drying beds built inside a beautiful weather proof green house that’s climate controlled as well as humidity controlled. But it doesn’t stop there! Mario also grows among the best geisha variety coffees Guatemala has to offer. He takes his delicate floral and citrus bomb geisha coffees and honey processes them to perfection! White, Yellow, Red, and Black honey…..but we wanted the Black.

Next our journey takes us to India where our Tea partner Aaron of Inari Tea has cultivated the most incredible relationships with local family farms, one of the most notable being the Lingia garden. This Darjeeling tea is not the robust deep flavors you would expect, but instead it’s bursting with light floral notes of orange blossom, rose, and jasmine.

Last year we released the hyper experimental “Lima Process” coffee from Mario’s farm, but this year we’ve decided to change up the name a little to “Cirque Process.” It’s a Black Honey process with an adjunct added to the tail end of fermentation and drying…in this year’s case, Lingia was added after a quick “hot bloom” of the leaves.

The end product of this coffee yielded results more incredible than our wildest imagination. The aroma hits your with a tantalizing intensity: freshly shaken Jasmine flowers, and the sweetness of a Strawberry Snowcone.

With the first sip you’re immediately transported into another dimension where the world is Strawberry Cotton Candy, and the air you breath is Orange Blossoms, Black Tea, and Deep Jasmine. It finishes juicy and perfectly clean, only leaving you needing more.

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  • The Lingia Geisha is an extremely limited production run only available in 100g tins.

  • This is a pre-order of the first roast that will happen August 29th, tins will be shipped out same day.