Black Honey Geisha Lima Process

We made a sourcing trip to Guatemala in March 2018 and had made great friends with a couple guys that own farms down there that were willing to do some crazy stuff with us. Our friend Mario owns Monte de Oro and has been experimenting with exceptional honey and natural process Guatemala geishas for years now and knew he was the perfect person to take on a wild idea we had rolling around in our brains

This coffee is already phenomenal before any of the weirdo stuff we did to it. Black honey process geisha from Mario’s next level honey processing facility, but it’s been conditioned on lemons and limes. Throughout the fermentation in the honey processing fresh lemon and lime peel was added. Additionally, while the coffee rested to decrease the water activity even more lemon and lime peels were added over the course of 3 months. We’re extremely proud to release the first ever “Lima” processing of this insane Black Honey geisha.

We taste yellow gatorade, cotton candy, and delicate lavender

*40 tins available. Tins are 100g

*First and only roast date is 8/16

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Monte de Oro:

Located in Acatenango Valley, Mr. Pedro Melendez owner of "El Socorro" inherited his 4 children. One of them my great grandfather, Fidel Melendez, re-named the farm Monte de Oro, inferring to the great fertility of the ground. Then my grandfather Ricardo Melendez inherits the farm and increases the coffee plantation, making the farm single crop. At the same time my grandfather dissatisfied about selling his coffee to our neighbors, Antigua Guatemala, he was convinced about the high quality of the regional cherry and got together with several producers and founded "Cooperativa Acatenango". My mother Ericka Melendez then took control of the administration in 1980 after my grandfather's passing. It's important to denote that she was the first lady in the area who administrated a coffee farm with success. Lastly in 2008, my mother and my father, Mario Rene Alarcón Aguilar, decided that it was time for me to take the administration. My name is Mario Ricardo Alarcón Melendez and I'm the 5th generation to oversee the farm. Due to my major (Mechanical Industrial Engineer), I took the duty to design a wet mill that would improve the coffee quality. Using the best machinery and with a simple and efficient process. Currently the farm has more than 5 varietals of coffee and 3 different processes, having wide variety of flavor for our worldwide clients.



  • AREA: 
    21 Ha

    Bourbon - Caturra

    1530m - 1690m