Finally one place to learn about brew methods! We will slowly build our inventory until this page holds all the methods we at Cirque hold near and dear to our hearts (we have over 20...our hearts are apparently huge). Dive into the geekery with us!


Brew Details: 18.5g coffee, grind med-fine (17 on Baratza Encore), approx. 240g water, fill time approx. 45 sec, total brew time (including plunge) 1min 30sec

Goal: This is our favorite Aeropress recipe for a quick morning cup at home, camping, on vacation, on name it! Super easy, doesn't even require a scale (if you have those beans pre-weighed), and makes a killer consistent brew every time.

Tip: When brewing Aeropresses inverted (that's what we did here) really make sure there are no dry pockets of grounds. If that means you rotate the method as you pour or give it a quick stir after it's filled, this will ensure a nice even extraction.