It just made sense. We’re a crew that loves incredible taste experiences, especially drinks. We’ve made a name for ourselves twisting coffee into unimaginable concoctions, and it just made sense to continue that into the most obvious avenue: cocktails. 

We’re not shooting to be a coffee shop that does beer and alcohol on the side. Instead we’re looking to let this program be a new extension of Cirque; completely separate and distinct from our coffee program.

With that settled we found ourselves with one space, and the goal to execute two very different drink experiences. We had to change our name too. 


libation: n. A drink poured out as an offering to a deity

And with that we’re shifting our retail space to a dedication of executing drinks on an insanely tasty, fun, and creative level while our company still operates as Cirque Coffee Roasters (CCR) to the rest of the country. 

This shift is only an extension of our space locally and won’t affect the way the rest of our company operates on a national level. 



It’s been public for a bit that our space is in the middle of a pretty extensive rebuild, but what we’ve kept under wraps is that our entire retail side is going to be going through an extreme overhaul as well. In general we’re taking Cirque to the next level on all fronts: aesthetics, experience, cohesiveness, and quality. 

We’re going to start a high end bar experience that is unique to Tulsa and bring our coffee program and experience to match that level as well, and that’s where a lot of the fun comes into play. 

We’ve received a lot of: “Why the rebuild? I liked the space how it is!”. And don’t get us wrong, we love it too! But if Cirque has been anything it’s been reinventing itself nonstop since the beginning. It’s changed and evolved into something we never imagined it would be, and we’re just stoked to keep taking it further. 

As far as the aesthetics and vibes of the shop with the overhaul…we can’t say too much, but if you can picture the entire shop being more in line with the branding on our retail bags, you’d land somewhere close to the finished product. 

Some things we can say though: Very cocktails centric, but lots of taps of wild beer, few wine options, extensive bartender training, precisely executed classics, super crazy originals, insane menu set up, and pretty as all frick.

Oh, and one exciting thing for all you die-hard Cirqus peeps…NO MORE STOOLS



You guys know us. You know what we’ve done with coffee so far and we’re taking the same mentality into our alcohol program. We love you all long time and can’t wait to start this next chapter in the Cirque novel with you all.

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