Free Shipping?

So we just announced free shipping on all our online orders. What you all also might have noticed is that we also raised the price of all our coffees by 3 dollars. Full disclosure: we did this on purpose. 

Our goal is to have as much people stocked with quality coffee as possible. We personally love the quality of our coffee so we thought to ourselves..."how can more people get their hands on our coffee goodness?" A pretty obvious response to that was "free shipping." 

Everyone loves free shipping, and what's not to love? You know exactly what you're paying from the first moment you see that awesome something you wanna buy. But let's be real...nobody truly offers "free shipping", and that's why we wanted to be upfront and honest. We decided it was worth it to eat most of the price of shipping to get coffee to more people, but we did increase our prices by a few bucks to help ease the sting a bit. 

So, is the shipping really "free", no. But we did save you guys a few dollars so hopefully you can keep drinking the bean juice. Stay caffeinated, and stay posted! We have a couple SUPER cool things coming up that we wouldn't want anyone to miss. 

to coffee, John